Atlantis Banquets rooms

Our Guarantee Policy

The minimum guarantee is the smallest number of guests for which a room may be contracted. It is used to figure the minimum amount you will be billed.

Two weeks before your party, we request that you come in to review floor plans and seating arrangements. You should have a preliminary serving count at this time. Please contact us to update your count a week prior to your party, and again 3 days before. At this time, Atlantis Banquets will consider your serving count as final and not subject to reduction. Please keep in mind that if band members are to eat, they should be included in the serving count. If they are to drink only, add $8 for each member. The serving count is essential to determine several factors: the number of meals prepared and the place setting arrangement, the number of waitresses and bartenders scheduled, and of course, the amount that you are billed.

A deposit is required for all parties upon approval of contract. An additional 20% deposit is due 6 months prior to the function. The balance is payable 48 hours before the day of your party.

We accept cash, cashier's checks, money orders, and credit cards. Personal checks are accepted only if received 3 weeks before your party.

ALL deposits are non-refundable.